To All The Friends I’ve Had Before: Part 2

My Rae of Sunshine: The Best Friend


It was just when I started high school that I met my best friend, Rae, I didn’t realize we would become as close as sisters. But unfortunately this did not last long, as only two years later, she passed away.

Rae was the kind of girl parents would want their kids hanging out with, always on time for school, never had any bad grades, she was an amazing artist, neat handwriting AND dressing. Always following the rules. I, on the other hand was the complete opposite, my grades were definitely not the best, I just passed my subjects by some miracle, I hated my school uniform, so I would wear it differently (yes, I did get into a lot of trouble for that), my handwriting sucked and the most I could draw was a stick figure. In short, I hated school work and just wanted to chill with friends.

Rae would laugh at me about this, she wasn’t the type who tried to change you, and she believed that people will change on their own if they have to, she believed that God knew what he was doing and each person knew the difference between right and wrong, there was no need to preach. She taught me to accept people the way they were, love and kindness will always win. But the one person who she always knew was never going to change was BB (read part 1), Rae always told me to write BB off, she knew BB was just using and taking advantage of me, but I couldn’t see it. Rae didn’t like her at all, I guess I should have listened when she spoke.

In the two years that I knew her, I felt like I had found a long lost sister, we just bonded immediately. But it was in August 2009 when I got the terrible news, Rae met up in an accident, unfortunately she didn’t make it. That was my first loss I ever experienced, as I’m typing this, it is very difficult, I keep picturing her body, the funeral, everything just keeps playing over and over again. I miss my best friend and no one can replace her.

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