The Unsung Heroes Of COVID-19 (Part 1)

You were heartbroken yet excited when schools closed, thinking that “it’s only a few weeks”, but those few weeks turned into dreadful months. You sat at home trying to complete your homework, you tried to be productive by playing games, but there were days when you were tired, there were days when you cried wanting to play outside but you couldn’t. As difficult as it was for adults, it was much worse for you my little friend. I can only imagine the struggle you endured during this time. Yet you made it through.

And now while you start your first week of school, knowing it will be a difficult task to adjust, wearing a mask for 6 hours everyday, not being able to hug your friends or sit next to them in class, knowing the next few months will never be the same again, I applaud you as you begin this journey into the unknown.


As adults we know how this difficult this lock down has been, but it has been even worse for the children. From days when they had enough of schoolwork to days when you had to switch the T.V off, as a parent it was both difficult and heartbreaking to watch your little one not be able to play outside, it was teary when you saw them trying their best to do their schoolwork, struggling to grasp the subject, but they tried their hardest.

These children are stronger than we will ever be and so…

To all the learners who will be starting school again, wishing you all the very best, may this epidemic never deter you away from achieving your dreams.

To the ones who are still at home, trying to be patient and optimistic and making the most of every moment, may you come out stronger and happier than before.

My heart goes out to each and every one of you. May God give you the strength to become better, stronger and more resilient than ever.

Stay Safe little heroes.


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