The Deadline!

“So what does your daughter do for a living?”

Many parents have been asked this question, some parents will answer it excitedly “She’s a doctor,” “She’s a teacher,” “She has her own business,” but what would my parents say?

“She’s a blogger,” can you imagine the look of dissatisfaction from all the aunties. “What nonsense job, all she has to do is write articles and stories, anyone can do that!”

Well aunty, it’s really not that easy, first of all, yes anyone can write articles and stories, but to put it in such a way that it captures a readers attention is very difficult. In fact, I still don’t know if I’m succeeding at it. I’ve been a blogger for almost a year and the truth is that, I haven’t even made a cent! Blogging is difficult, to get at least 1000 people to even view your website is quite a task. Not to mention that some people don’t read your piece of work the way you want them to, you may write and article trying to give joy to the reader, but someone may read it in an angry or sad emotion.

Many people ask my parents what I do, I’m going to be 26 years old this December (the 30th) and I don’t have a degree, no job, but I love writing! I love voicing my opinion about different things, I love reading about other people’s experiences, cultures and traditions, I love it! But it’s not getting me anywhere, it’s not paying my bills and its definitely making it difficult on my family.

So what do my parents say, “she’s studying,” and then the follow up question from the nosy aunty “that’s great, what is she studying?” now here’s the tricky part, my parents hate lying, but they’re forced to and so they say “Something in business,” and then its the next hundred questions about “How many years left?,” “Which university is she studying from?” “Will she work after she studies?” and the dreaded “When will she get married?”

Well here’s what I have to say, I’m not studying anything, I sit at home and write articles, trying to make a living off it, I might look for a job as soon as possible and if I’m successful with my job then maybe I will start studying (not business) and to answer your last question, I don’t know and honestly… I’m not even worried about when I’ll get married. I’m ONLY 25, I still have to travel to my bucket list of places, I still have to meet new people and experience new things, I still have lots to do and more to share!

The truth is, after you turn 25 people think that the clock to marriage is ticking, one lady told me that I can’t have kids after 30, then I’ll be too old, who makes up this nonsense!?

There is no deadline to getting married or finding a job, there is no deadline to starting a family or getting your first degree, there is no deadline to enjoying life and doing what makes you happy.

So to all the ladies out there who are struggling like me, just hang in there, it’s all going to be okay. To those who have life sorted out, well done, keep hustling! And finally to those parents who support their kids, THANK YOU! Without your love and support, life would not be this great.

Love you mom and dad.

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