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Growing up I was always fond of becoming a teacher, mostly because you get long holidays as well as the thinking that teachers got paid very handsomely.  But as you get older, you soon learn about the good, bad and the ugly of teachers and teaching.

The truth is…teachers actually don’t get paid very well, for a profession which teaches children how to read and write, teachers get paid very poorly. In fact most teachers have started to sell products from home, such as makeup, household detergents, clothing etc, so that they can make ends meet. Others have also started tutoring their learners after school and on weekends to help learners get better results and to get a little money on the side to support their families. But is teaching better then tutoring?


Here’s the truth: 

Teachers have to mark learners results, report to the learners’ parents about their child’s marks, let parents know whether their child will pass or fail the grade. Now that’s where I drew the line, I could not see myself telling a parent that their child will not make it to the next grade, I could not see myself marking a students’ examination papers and knowing that he/she will not make it, I could not see a child fail. That is the stress teachers have to go through, to see a child, who may have tried their hardest to get good grades, not make it to the next grade. That is when both the teacher and student begin to doubt themselves and that is when most teachers leave their jobs and turn to tutoring…

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Being a tutor is sometimes difficult. Parents put pressure on you as they trust tutors to make sure that their child passes the subject. Tutors don’t have to mark papers and report to parents, unless they have been asked by parents to do so. Most tutors are either retired or unemployed teachers. Most people think that tutoring is easier and better then teaching, you get to decide on your own pay, you don’t have to mark examination papers and most importantly, you don’t have to report to departments as to why a child is failing or not doing well. But is it really that easy? Tutors know which student is doing well, they know which student will pass and which one won’t and that is when the same stress which teachers face, tutors have to face too. If a child fails, they see it as their fault, because parents put a lot of pressure on tutors to make sure their child passes and when a child does not make it … one parent will tell another that you are not a good tutor because their kid failed, it’s the same thing teachers face, sometimes they are told they are not good teachers because a child failed their subject or class, but the truth is that it’s no ones fault, not the teacher, tutor or student. Failure is a part of life and we all have to fail at least once in our lives, that the best part about living.

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So is it worth it to study education?

Yes! To teach someone something of value which they will have for the rest of their life is something no one else can do, to teach little children to write, read, spell and count, I believe, is a gift only some have. To take time off your weekend or your day to tutor a child and make sure that a child does not have much difficulty in school, to help them pass their subject or grade, is a gift. To not care about the pay and to do your best to help other achieve their dreams to become doctors, teachers, lawyers etc. is a gift.

I applaud each and every teacher and tutor for the work that you do, sometimes it can be difficult, sometimes you may doubt yourself, but just know that each and every day you are helping someone get one step closer to achieving their dream and it’s all because of your dedication and hard work!

Thank you for all that you do.

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