Create your own website for FREE.

Creating your own website can be difficult, but with WordPress life is made easy. It’s free to start, with 4 ways to grow. Whether you want to share your ideas, start a business, or run a store, you can do it all on gives you everything you need to create anything you want. It’sContinue reading “Create your own website for FREE.”


Get paid to test websites!

Become a tester, test the latest apps, websites, and games, and get paid for every issue you find. Earn up to $50 for every issue you find. Can’t find any bugs? No problem. You can also be paid for rating apps. Easily work from home or from your favorite place. Work the hours that makeContinue reading “Get paid to test websites!”

Hobbs & Shaw: Not for you..

Give me an action movie with Jason Statham and I’ll be fangirling since the trailer. Now give me a movie with Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson, Jason, Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby and I’ll be the first one to see this action packed performance! But is it really worth it? I am a huge fan ofContinue reading “Hobbs & Shaw: Not for you..”

Hello India!

India. One of the first things that probably came to your mind was either Bollywood or curry. The truth is that India is about much more that just Bollywood or spicy food. I had been to this beautiful country before, in 2016, back then, the travelling time (by car) from Mumbai to Gujarat took usContinue reading “Hello India!”

Game of Thrones For Dummies

If you have been scrolling through your social networking sites, you may have noticed many people talking about Game Of Thrones, so what is it? Game of Thrones is a television series which is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R Martin’s series of fantasy novels. The series is set on twoContinue reading “Game of Thrones For Dummies”