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What’s so bad about being a brown skinned girl?


Teacher Vs Tutor #worldteachersday

Growing up I was always fond of becoming a teacher, mostly because you get long holidays as well as the thinking that teachers got paid very handsomely.  But as you get older, you soon learn about the good, bad and the ugly of teachers and teaching. The truth is…teachers actually don’t get paid very well,Continue reading “Teacher Vs Tutor #worldteachersday”

Let’s talk about SEX!

After recently watching “Khandaani Shafakhana”, an Indian movie which talks about sexual diseases, I have come to learn one thing…. Growing up in a brown household has always been weird and tough. Girls can’t go out with, or bring home any boys, however, boys were allowed to do whatever they wanted and bring home whoeverContinue reading “Let’s talk about SEX!”

The truth about Jordyn and Kylie

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner were once best friends. After a misunderstanding, the two have since broken off their friendship. In fact, Kylie Jenner seems to have unfollowed Jordyn on Instagram. Many people believe that this may be a publicity stunt and it will all be over soon. But will it? Kylie seems to haveContinue reading “The truth about Jordyn and Kylie”

English Medium or Medium English?

India. A country that is not only advancing in technology and infrastructure but education too. Many people think that Indians do not know much English, maybe its because they don’t speak as clearly as others or because they mispronounce certain words. But they do understand and speak the universal language. In fact here are someContinue reading “English Medium or Medium English?”

Hello India!

India. One of the first things that probably came to your mind was either Bollywood or curry. The truth is that India is about much more that just Bollywood or spicy food. I had been to this beautiful country before, in 2016, back then, the travelling time (by car) from Mumbai to Gujarat took usContinue reading “Hello India!”