Period Hack!

We all have heard of or taken pills to stop our periods, we all may have tried different ways to getting our periods early, but here’s a method that has actually worked!

Since I will be leaving for a vacation from next week and we all know that no one wants to get their periods while enjoying some nice, stress free quality time with family. I decided to do some research and try out a few hacks on how to get my periods early and..

I think may have found a solution to getting your periods early!!

So what is this secret ingredient that makes you get your periods earlier?

Dates! No, not those dates which you go on with your spouse or partner, but dates, also known as “Kajoor”, which come from the middle east and are known to have many health benefits.

Date benefits. Source:

One of these benefits are that dates increase warmth in your body. This means that eating enough dates can induce periods before the due date.

So how many dates should you eat? 

Honestly, each person’s body is different, my sister and I decided to try it out together, we started by eating three a day, this did not seem to have any effect on me, however my sister started spotting, I then increased to six dates a day and within 2 days I got my periods. But as I said, each person’s body is different.

Something that may work for me, might not work for others.

When should I start eating them?

Since I’ll be leaving for vacation next week, I started eating it about five days ago and I got my periods two days ago, I would say that you should start eating it at least a week or two before you leave for vacation or attending your special event.

Hope this helps someone. Good luck!


DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical expert, this is just something which has worked, not just for me but for family and friends as well. Therefore I decided to share this, hope it helps someone. Please consult your doctor should you need any information. I would also like to repeat, something which has worked for me, might not work for others. Many people eat dates and don’t get their periods, while some just eat one or two and immediately get their periods. 


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