Natural Selection?

Being human is a blessing and a curse at the same time. As I sit here writing this blog, I know many people are going to disagree with me on what I have to say, but maybe some would agree.

The reason why I believe that it is a curse, is because we still have discrimination within all of us, we all discriminate in one way or another. Maybe when you read the first few lines of the next paragraph, you might think that “this is another one of those silly blogs about fighting discrimination and being a good human” (yes there are people who think like that), but please read it till the end.

It was just a few days ago when I had my niece over, she’s really fond of our ring-necked bird, growing up in my household, we always had some sort of pet, this included cats, rabbits, a hamster, lizards (those small ones that randomly come out of nowhere into your home), and now we have a cute ring-necked bird, he’s only a year old, but makes quite a noise.

Usually, every morning my niece and I would go out into the garden and break small pieces of bread and throw it onto the grass for the pigeons outside, sometimes we would change the menu and give them bird seeds. This is a sort of tradition passed down from generation to generation (feed the birds, they are God’s gift to us, they will send blessings to you for feeding them). After that, we would come inside and give our “green pigeon”, as she would say, some fruits or parrot food. But yesterday she asked me something, something which has been running through my mind all day long, she asked me: “why don’t we give the birds outside the fruits like we give greeny, why do we only give them bread crumbs or seeds?”.

I didn’t know how to answer this, but, why do we give our own pets better food then the animals which don’t have homes, is that also not how we treat other humans?

There’s a homeless man who comes to us twice a week, we give him money or food sometimes, but why then do we not give homeless people or beggars fresh food? Why do we give them leftovers or cold food? They are human, they need proper food, not something which is going to poison them.

I remember, when I was young, there was a stray cat who would come and eat our cat’s food, obviously we would chase it away or just give it a bowl of milk, but why did we not give it proper cat food, why did we treat it differently?

Is this how we want to raise our future generations? Do we want to show them that people from your country, community or culture should be treated differently from others? Do we want to show them that people who live in poverty should be given bread crumbs and not fruits?

This is not only about treating animals equally, but it is about teaching the younger generation to share, love and respect one another, to treat other humans and animals how they would want to be treated, it is through this that they would become better adults and better leaders.

I am going to make a change, and I am starting with the woman in the mirror. Are you?

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