My UIF Ordeal!

I was retrenched from my job in July, and so I went to apply for my UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) at our local labour department. I was told to take my retrenchment letter, unemployment letter from my employer (U19 form) as well as a copy of my I.D. After waiting in line for more than an hour I finally got to the front line and I was told “You also need a copy of your 3 months bank statement,” luckily my bank is just a few steps away, I get my bank statements and rush back, only to be given another form which my ex-employer now has to fill out. This kept on going on for almost three weeks, every time there was some form missing or another form which needed to be filled out, it became exhausting! Finally my ex-employer informed me that I should rather do it online. I then went online, no forms to fill out, everything was done easily and I even got paid within a few days, the only issue with the online form was that you can only fill out the form on Internet Explorer and not Google Chrome, but I managed.


I got paid from October and I applied again after 28 days in order to get my November payout and then December, and then came the next issue. When I applied again for my payout in January, it was cancelled by the paymaster, no reason for the cancellation! And now I am sitting here googling why it got cancelled, only to come across so many other citizens who are sitting in the same place as me, getting their UIF cancelled for no reason. The government takes money easily but to give it back to those who need it, unfortunately they take their time and waste ours.

If you want our votes in the upcoming elections, then live up to your promises, stop taking our money and not giving it back, help the citizens of your country.

Should you wish to apply for UIF online, you can visit the website at: ufiling

But be prepared not to get paid after at least three months. I have re-applied for it, hoping to get my money soon.

If you are going to your nearest labour Department, please make sure you have certified copies of all the documents, or else they will be sending you back and forth, another important note is that you have to apply for UIF within 6 months after you have been retrenched etc. If you go after 6 months then you may not receive your money.

(Sorry for this, but I needed to share my experience and prepare anyone who is going to be applying for UIF)

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