My hope for 2019

Looking back at 2018, I’d say we had a great year!

Starting with the #MeToo movement, which has made a difference in many lives, we also had a ton of celebrity weddings, which we all attended from the comfort of our homes through social media. 2018 also gave us and took away many amazing loved ones.

We also had some great movies, music and people who came into our lives and made a difference. Unfortunately it was not too great for others though. Some lost their jobs, some did not do well at college/university or schooling, and others are still, to date, fighting for their lives. We also got a chance to see what politicians really wanted to do with their citizens and their country.

2018 opened our eyes and hearts, it gave us lessons and blessings, it gave us love and hate. We had people getting fired for raising their voices and sexual offenders being promoted even though they were guilty.

Ok it was not that great!


But I hope 2019 brings a change,

I hope our politicians start caring for their citizens, rather than abusing their power and money and increasing corruption.

I hope to see wars coming to an end, to see people helping one another.

I hope to see the end of racism, discrimination and hate.

I hope to see individuals allowed to freely practice their religion and culture.

I hope to see young girls getting an education.

I hope to see young boys being taught how to fight for women’s rights but also to be taught about their own rights.

I hope to see happier families and friends, to see no border separating loved ones from one another.

I hope to see children from war zones getting a better lifestyle and not waking up to the sound of bombs.


I hope to see a happier, loving and more caring 2019.


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