My Fair Lady

“How to get fair skin in just 2 days!”

“Skin whitening secrets every girl should know.”

“How to get naturally fair skin”

I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of these titles, some are video titles, others are articles written by “people who have tried and tested these methods”. In fact I’m sure there are more methods to get fair skin than there are to get brown.

But what’s so bad about being a brown skinned girl?

We all talk about female empowerment, supporting young girls, but if its telling them that being brown skin is bad, then I don’t want to be a part of this empowerment regime. I’m not saying that you should not try these methods, if you feel that you want to be fair, than go ahead, but don’t be telling a little girl that she needs to start using fairness creams in order to be more attractive, don’t be telling the woman who is self conscious that she needs to be fair in order to settle down with a good guy.

We don’t need these negative comments coming our way when we’re already struggling with other personal problems.

Come to think of it, men go through the same thing too, we now also have fairness creams for men, why?

Being fair is not all that great, trust me, yes I’m a fair girl. So why am I writing this? I should love being fair, I don’t have problems being a brown girl..


Well, here’s the story..

My sister is a brown skinned girl. Recently she just had a baby girl, so now I’m a proud aunt. But then we had a very nosy Indian aunty who said something along the lines of “your baby is so fair and cute”, so now my sister has been trying to use these fairness creams in order to fit in with her in-laws. Stupid I know, but as a woman who is sometimes insulted for her skin color, you feel like you have to start fitting in with the crowd, especially if you’re married.

So to all those who are being told to use fairness creams in order to fit in…Please don’t do it. It’s a terrible world out there, don’t give in to societies pressures. I probably don’t know exactly how you feel, but what I do know is that you need to do what makes you happy, and if being a fair lady is not something you want, then don’t do it.

Love yourself. Support and love others and Spread kindness.

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