Let’s talk about SEX!

After recently watching “Khandaani Shafakhana”, an Indian movie which talks about sexual diseases, I have come to learn one thing….

Growing up in a brown household has always been weird and tough. Girls can’t go out with, or bring home any boys, however, boys were allowed to do whatever they wanted and bring home whoever they wanted. Families would sit and talk about politics, religion, culture and almost anything and everything under the sun, but when it came to talking about sex, menstruation, abortions etc. those were taboo subjects, you would get a beating and you’d get grounded for even saying those words. But it was okay to talk about drugs, because that was “BAD” and talking about bad things is apparently good.

We live in a very complicated society, you can talk about the bad things but you aren’t even allowed to say anything about the good stuff. Is that why so many of our youth are dealing in drugs, because we were allowed to talk about it? Yet they are scared to go out and even buy a condom, because “what will people say?”

So let’s change that!

Let’s make the words or any other word associated with “DRUGS”, a bad word. That way we will be teaching our kids not to talk about it, and hopefully in the future, not to do it. Let’s make words such as “SEX”, “PERIODS”, “ABORTION” etc. good words, talk about these things, teach the teens or as the older generations call them “kids of today”, about what periods and sex are, teach them about abortion and HIV/AIDS.


We are programmed from a young age that when you say bad words, it also means you are not allowed to do bad things, so when we say SEX, we are not allowed to have sex. It’s only later in life that you learn, it’s all a lie.

Let’s lift the stigma attached to these “Taboo words” and start teaching, talking and learning more about them. Let’s make words such as GUNS, DRUGS, GANGS etc. taboo in our society, so that kids know that these are the actual bad things.

If we want to create a safer place for all, then this may be a new beginning…

Kudos to the team of #khandaanishafakhana for fighting the stigma attached to sex and sexual diseases. Well Done!

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