Hypocrite Feminism

Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

I already know this blog is going to get so many haters. But anyway, here goes….

Recently, women have been advocates in fighting for equality, justice and fair treatment in the workplace and at home. In fact if you look through social media, you will find lots of #feminism, #womenempowerment etc. heck, even I have used these hashtags, but the difference is, I don’t use it just for show, I use it to create awareness because it is something I believe in, I use it because that is what I practice in life, now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone uses it just to get more followers or likes on Instagram, but yes, there are people who would post such things on social media, just for attention!

I recently read an article posted by an acquaintance, in the article she wrote about how women should love themselves for the colour of their skin, they should love having hair growing in different parts of their bodies etc. and I totally agree, everyone grows hair, its natural, but what pissed me off was that after reading this article I decided to pay her a little visit to congratulate her, she only live a few doors away from me, so why not?

I enter the house and we get talking, we have a really good conversation going, when her little sister comes into the lounge wearing shorts and a crop top, so Ms. Acquaintance tells her little sister: “don’t you even shave your legs, they’re so hairy, it’s disgusting! There’s a clean razor in my bathroom, go use it, eeew!!”. Yes, that’s exactly what she said, so if you’re reading this, why do you write about women accepting themselves for who they are, if you can’t do the same thing?

There are women out there who claim that each person should be allowed to practice their religion, but then why do they judge that women who is wearing a hijab (headscarf), or why do others judge those who do not wear the hijab? Some of them will call you out for covering your body while others will discriminate against you for not covering yourself. And yet they will post pictures, quotes and even videos about being feminists and empowering women.

I call these women hypocrite feminists.

Yes, men are also feminists, but it’s absolutely disgusting when a woman acts the complete opposite of who she says she is, women are fighting for THEIR own rights, not for men! These hypocrites are the reason many people don’t take feminism seriously, they are the reason why people still underpay women, and they are the reason why men still think that women are not capable of being engineers or entering a male dominating field.

There are women out there actually fighting for women’s rights, but because of these hypocrites, this fight unfortunately seems completely useless.

Instead of posting all of these quotes on Instagram, or videoing yourself helping a women. Why don’t you actually try being nice to one another without having to post about it on social media? Why don’t you try doing something nice without wanting any followers or likes? Don’t do it because you HAVE TO. Do it because you WANT TO.

In a world where it has become increasingly difficult for women to live, where we are being told what to say, how to walk, how to talk and even how to dress, let us actually stand together, support one another and be the best example to our future generations. Let us show every anti-feminist that women can live together peacefully without hating or discriminating against one other.

So to all those Hypocrite Feminists, PLEASE PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!

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  1. I definitely agree, a feminist or simply a decent person might or might not choose to depilate for her/himself, what counts is if she/he respect those who prefer not to for whatever reason, women who grow hair, men who like to wear makeup and paint nails, any individual choice. Great points 🙂

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