How to Bargain like an Indian..

Step 1: No matter what the shopkeeper says, just know that the price is NOT the price!

Step 2: Be confident.

Step 3: Find something you are interested in purchasing.

Step 4: Take the item to the shopkeeper and ask them how much it is, even if the price tag is clearly shown.

Step 5: Start lowering the price, ask for 50% less. (this obviously won’t work, the shopkeeper will say no, but still ask).

Step 6: Now ask for 40% less, again, this might not work, but keep asking.

Step 7: This is where you need to show your confidence, this time ask for 30% less, now the shopkeeper will start showing interest.

Step 8: Keep your confidence and stick to your 30%, if they say no, then use the following lines “but its much less at the other shop,” or something along those lines, comparing their price to another shop.

Step 9: Take out only 30% less then the asking price from your wallet, put it on counter, the shopkeeper will start smiling and shaking their head.

Step 10: Now ask for a packet, put your item in it and RUN!

DISCLAIMER: This is just for humor purposes, please do not try this anywhere or else you will end up in trouble.

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