Hobbs & Shaw: Not for you..

Give me an action movie with Jason Statham and I’ll be fangirling since the trailer. Now give me a movie with Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson, Jason, Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby and I’ll be the first one to see this action packed performance!

But is it really worth it?

I am a huge fan of the Fast and furious series of movies, it teaches you that family is not always blood. Not to mention that the female leads are always the best part (for me).

So what’s the hype about Hobbs & Shaw?


Vanessa Kirby!! She’s the hype! Vanessa gives each woman who watches this movie, a sense of empowerment, she is the perfect example of a superwoman who doesn’t wear a cape. She is also given equal screen space, which makes it all the more worth it.

But this movie is not for everyone…

(Please excuse the following language)

This movie is not for that piece of shit who sits there texting for almost the entire movie, disrupting the rest of the audience. For those who may not know, when you sit and text on your phone, the light from your screen shines on the people sitting behind and next to you, making it difficult to concentrate on the movie and not to mention the light emitted from your phone affects the rest of our eyesight too.

This movie is not for that idiot who answers his phone call while the rest of us are trying to enjoy the movie, I mean why don’t you go outside and finish your conversation!?

This movie is not for that egoist crap face who insults you when you politely ask them to put their phone away, telling you that you have no respect. Honey please, if I didn’t have any respect I would have broke that phone and dragged you out of the cinema dumping both you and your phone in the trash, but I didn’t. Now if you had any respect, you would put that phone away and enjoy the movie like the rest of us.

Final verdict: Hobbs & Shaw is definitely worth it and I hope that when I go see it again, I don’t cross paths with any of the above useless human beings. Please respect others when going to watch any movie, put your phones away, or take your phone calls outside, and if you intend to be texting for the whole movie, then why don’t you leave and let the rest of us enjoy what we came for.


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