Hello India!


One of the first things that probably came to your mind was either Bollywood or curry. The truth is that India is about much more that just Bollywood or spicy food. I had been to this beautiful country before, in 2016, back then, the travelling time (by car) from Mumbai to Gujarat took us about 5 hours, not to mention the litter we could see in the rivers, people defecating in public and the roads were quite bumpy. However things have since changed…

This time it took us about 4 hours to travel from Mumbai to Gujarat, bridges have been built to reduce time, the roads were not as bumpy and everything seemed to have been cleaned, more trees, less litter and definitely not one person defecating in public. But India is about a lot more…


As we got closer to our accommodation, I noticed a place that once used to be a dumping site, now completely cleared out, it was now a little garden for the community.

As we passed the train station there was a board stating you could now get free Wi-Fi at the station, not just that, but it seems like this train station was recently renovated, there were now toilets for men and women, I remember when I had come to this station in 2016, there were no clear signs for toilets and the station did not have any benches for people to sit on, however, it seems India has changed…for the better.

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