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Cape Town has many amazing places to visit. You could sit at the beautiful Waterfront and look at the magnificent ships, or you could enjoy a day out shopping at Canal Walk, many people also hike up Table Mountain, but if you’re like me and prefer the short way up, there is a cable car that can take you all the way to the top of the mountain and if it’s your birthday then you get to go up for free!

How to travel around Cape Town?

Well, just hire an Uber to drop you off at the aquarium, where you can get the red, hop on hop off bus, which takes you all over the city at a really great price. The best part is that if you produce your bus ticket the next day, you will get an amazing discount on your bus ticket.

After purchasing your bus ticket, you will receive a map which will show you the routes that the bus takes as well as a pair of earphones which you connect to the side of your side, as you go on you bus tour, there will be an audio which will tell you about the places you pass on your route.

There are several routes which the different buses take, these include:

-City Tour

-Mini Peninsula Tour

-Wine Tour

As well as other options such as sunset and wine tours.

Each stop the bus makes on its tour, you have the option to hop off and look around, go shopping, climb table mountain or stay seated. Now don’t worry yourself about “missing the bus” as every 20 minutes another bus comes along where you can hop on and carry on with the tour. (Refer to your map for times).

Another great thing about the red bus, is that you get special discounts at certain restaurants or affiliated shops, so this means another saving for you!

cape town

Floating On Clouds

The best part about this beautiful city is that everyone is really friendly and willing to assist wherever they can.

I remember my friend telling me that it was around 6 pm one evening and she got a flat Tyre on the freeway, she had her two year old son with her and within minutes a police vehicle arrived to assist her. This makes one feel safe especially when you’re alone or with your family.

When in Cape Town, you will often see the clouds coming down on table mountain, even if its a really hot day, you will be able to see the clouds start floating on the mountain, it is so surreal and beautiful. Something you just want to look at over and over again. However the only bad thing about this is that if you want to go on table mountain then unfortunately they close it off, this is because of the wind and cold temperatures caused by the clouds.

clouds on table mountain

What To Eat?

There are many delicious restaurants in Cape Town, one of which has become my favorite, called “Col Cacchio”, they serve the most delicious pasta and pizza, but my favorite was their strawberry daiquiri, it was absolutely amazing!

Another favorite place to eat would be Hout Bay, here you can take a boat to seal island and thereafter go to one of the restaurants and have a delicious plate of fish and chips, a Cape Town favorite.

If you’re looking for a good breakfast place I would definitely recommend is Pearl Spoon, they had the most amazing plating and seating area, the food looked even more delicious then the images in their menu book and it tasted absolutely divine! Not to mention our waitress was very friendly and bubbly. This has become my go to restaurant.

And lastly, if you’re looking for a good dessert or if you love ice cream and cookies as much as I do, then you have to go try Crumbs and Cream. This was the first time I came across an ice cream shop that was not afraid to try something new. Crumbs and cream is a cookie and ice cream shop which makes cookie sandwiches with Ice Cream!! It’s like this, you take a cookie, put a scoop of ice cream and top it off with another cookie! Something which I usually do at home and people find weird, but now I have a shop to share that weirdness with.


Cape Town has many amazing gems hidden away, you just have to look closely to find them.

So please come on down to my country and visit these beautiful local places and enjoy our local cuisines, we would love to have you!

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