Heads Or Tails

The 1st of June 2020, the day places of worship will be reopened, travel ban will be relaxed (slightly), lockdown stage 3 will begin but most importantly the day schools will be reopened. There are always two sides to every coin, but only one is right, so here are both sides of why schools should reopen and why they should not…


The government:

Government has decided to reopen the school’s so that learners can finish off their school year, get back into the swing of things and most importantly so that matriculants can finish their final year. Many parents have objected to this, the government has stated that should things not work out then lockdown stage 4 will be implemented once again. The government hopes this will assist kids and teachers, as many learners are unable to access online classes due to financial restraints. But is it the right decision?


The parents:

Parents are definitely unhappy about schools reopening. Many are saying that it will be difficult for most learners to wear masks all day, one parent has also pointed out that some kids cannot breathe properly with their masks on, this now becomes a health issue. Another challenge which parents will face is making sure their child does not get into contact with anyone who is infected, this is a difficult task.

Here’s a theory given by another parent: if learners attend school and another learner or teacher has the infection, this will lead to a wider spread, and this will then cause panic across the country, not to mention that the student who came in contact with the infected will now have to go into quarintine. Now imagine a 9 year old child, staying away from their family/families for 14 days. Imagine the impact this will have, not just on the family but the community as well.

And so many parents have decided not to send their children to school. They will instead continue homeschooling them. Are parents correct in doing this?


Now you decide which part of the coin is heads and which is tails.


All we can do is hope for the best and pray that this epidemic disappears from our lives forever.


Stay safe!



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