I recently read a post about men feeling sad, having bad days and just wanting to be held at 2AM and be told that “hey, everything is going to be okay”.

Mental health plays a very important part in any individuals’ life. Sometimes when things don’t go our way, we tend to get frustrated, if we lose someone close to us, we become emotional wrecks. But men are told not to cry because it is a sign of weakness. men are told to hide their emotions because only women show others how they feel. But men have feelings too. They also want to be cuddled with, they also have mental breakdowns and they too want to cry and let all their emotions out.

I'm a she, but this is still important
I’m a she, but this is still important

I don’t know much about statistics but I know most men have mental health issues (yes I could have googled it, but google only gives the statistics of men who are available for interviews, what about those who conceal their emotions?)

There is not much I can say because mental health is fortunately being discussed across the world everyday (this is going to be a very short post). All I will say is, please hold your brothers, friends, husbands and just tell them “it’s ok”. Even if they seem completely happy all the time, you never know what they might be holding back, you never know what kind of day or month they have had, you never know the feelings or emotions that they are going through, men are taught to be brave and never show how they feel, it is important that we show them, that it is okay to let your emotions out and that no matter what, we will support and love them.

Support your man

Maybe this post doesn’t even make sense, but I just had to put it out there, that all of us need love and support. So please show the men in your life that you love, support and appreciate them, maybe all they need is a tight hug from you.

If you know of someone going through a tough time, please try to help them as best as you can.

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