Food: Pasta Vs Pizza

P.S. this could be noted as my first food blog. Please let me know what you think.

I recently went to an Italian restaurant with a friend, we couldn’t decide between pasta and pizza, so as foodies we decided to do the right thing and so we ordered both. I mean why not?

As we waited for our food, we started chatting about our love lives and our future. It turns out there was a young girl, probably 15 or 16 years old, who had a boyfriend whom she really liked, so she decided to put a video out there, telling every other girls that he’s her man, and they should stay away or, and I quote, “I will put you six feet under”, and now she has become the talk of the town, well we felt really sad, not because they’ve made memes about her and she’s becomes famous, but because she has a boyfriend, and here we are trying to drown our sorrows of being single, in delicious pasta and pizza. Okay I’m exaggerating.

After having a meaningless conversation for 15 minutes I decide to ask the waiter for some water, this restaurant is known for taking quite some time when preparing the food so I wasn’t expecting it within the next 30 minutes, as the waiter is heading towards our table she also has a pizza on her tray, I get excited, I thought I had to wait a while but it seems they aren’t busy today so I guess we got lucky! As she puts my water on the table I look at the pizza and realize this isn’t what we ordered, well that had to be the first sign of my stupidity because she immediately walked to the table behind us, WITH THE PIZZA, and gave it to them, it turns out, it wasn’t ours.


Another 15 minutes go by and by now we’re really hungry, we should be getting our meals anytime soon, they usually don’t take longer than 30 minutes. Unfortunately our conversation has stopped and now our stomachs have begun their own convo’s. 15 minutes later and we finally get our long-awaited meals. Thank the Lord! We decide to take on the pasta first, we only took one meal so we have to share, now I absolutely love pasta, so I was really looking forward to it. As I’m dishing it out into my plate, I realize there isn’t any steam coming from the food, it doesn’t bother me though, I don’t like my food to be too warm nor too cold, it just needs to be edible. We’ve decided on a chicken and mushroom Alfredo pasta, as I’m swirling the long strands of Alfredo pasta around my fork, it seems like forever before I finally get enough strands on the fork, without the pasta falling all over the place, I take a piece of chicken and a few mushrooms together and finally starting eating, the pasta is absolutely divine! I love it, and about the steam, well it was the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold. We ask our waiter to keep the pizza in a warmer, we don’t want it to get cold. It seemed like that 45 minute wait was totally worth it! The pasta wasn’t too saucy and it was cooked to perfection, the Alfredo strands weren’t too soft, so it was manageable to eat, it had just enough chicken and mushrooms, and it wasn’t too spicy either. Just perfect.

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After we were done we asked for our pizza, unfortunately our waitress forgot to put it in the warmer so we had to wait a few more minutes. I didn’t mind at all, and neither did my friend. Our stomachs were partially filled, so it was all okay. After at least 5 minutes we finally get our pizza, we decided on a chicken pizza with avocados and feta cheese. Yes, people put avocadoes on their pizza, and I love avo’s so yay! It smells like heaven, we don’t wait to take any food pics and immediately dive in! I cut out my piece and once again, I notice it’s not too warm or too cold, the only problem I have is that I cannot eat pizza with a fork and a knife, I mean how can you enjoy such perfection through a fork? But I decide to be the good Samaritan, and start cutting a small piece of the pizza, stabbing it with my fork and finally eating it, the base is slightly crispy, but not too hard, and you can taste the slight spice from the marinara sauce, I didn’t get a chicken or avo in this bite, but hey! I have 4 more pieces. I can’t do the fork and knife thing anymore and decide to just eat pizza the way it should be eaten, with your hands, finally I get a good bite, the chicken somehow has the marinara sauce in it, and its spicy but I like it, the avo gives your tongue a cooling sensation, making you want more. I finish off my piece and take another one, I realize there’s a long strand of cheese that just doesn’t seem to be stopping, my friend impatiently waiting for my, decided to cut the strand, well I don’t blame her, I was wasting her time. It was at this point I decided, one day, if a guy has to take me out on a date, this is where we are coming. And I don’t care if he eats pizza with his cutlery, I’m eating it with my hands. We ordered a large pizza, which had 8 slices, now we’re not the kind of girls who watch our figures, so we ended up eating all 8, equally of course.

Now that we were done, I knew I couldn’t have any dessert, no matter how much I wanted the chocolate lava cake, I was extremely stuffed at this point, I knew I couldn’t eat anymore. Well the dessert will have to wait for another day. We split the bill and sit in the restaurant for a few more minutes, in order to get enough strength to get up and start walking. This had to be one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. I have to say though, even though I love pasta, I think the pizza won this round.

All in all, the 45 minute wait was totally worth it. Our waitress was quite friendly and the food was absolutely delicious, I won’t mind going there again. But I’ll just have to make sure I have a small snack beforehand, so I don’t starve myself.

I’m not sure if I should name the restaurant, but if you’re interested please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Please let me know what you think.


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