Dear South Africa

Most people see South Africa as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. In fact it is rated as the 123rd most peaceful country, well, at least it is on the list.

Thousands of South African’s have left their motherland because of crime, racism and horrific political incidents which have scared them. Others, like myself, who do not have enough money or the willpower to move to another country, live in fear almost everyday.

But is it really that bad?

Yes we do have one of the highest crime rates in the world, yes racism still exists and after speaking to many psychologists and analysts, they have stated that it may still take a long time before the racism in South Africa is completely non-existent. Yes we have our lights and water cut off at certain times and yes our government is corrupt (which government isn’t?) Read More

No Lights

But why do I still choose to stay in this country, I could save up all my money or get a job in another country…

I choose to stay because we are allowed to practice our religions freely, I come from a society where a church, temple and a mosque are situated near one another and all the believers respect each other. This is not the case in every other country, some people are not allowed to pray, their places of worship are burnt down, and sometimes people are not allowed to dress in their religious attire, for the fear that they will be ridiculed or arrested.

South Africa has given its citizen’s the power to voice their opinions, where one politician is allowed to call the former president a “butternut-head” without fear. The youth know their rights and are ready to fight for it, an example of this is the #FeesMustFall. Click Here to learn more


In my country there is crime, but which country doesn’t have crime.

In my country there is fear, but we are not in a war zone, fighting for our lives. We still have the safety and security of our homes and a good few police officials who are willing to help us.

In my country there is racism, but we are working towards making that a part of history.

In my country, students who cannot afford an education are allowed to get exempted from paying school fees, so that they may achieve their dreams. A great example: click here


In my country officials do not get “fired” for standing up for what is right.

In my country women are empowered to become leaders.

In my country there is freedom, hope and love.


I am proudly South African!


(I know there is so much more to love about South Africa, I just wanted to highlight a few points and no we do not have wild animals at our airports or walking around on our roads.)


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