Dear Lilly Singh

It was sometime during the October 2012, I had just finished my schooling and I did not know what I wanted to study. During this time, I started binge watching YouTube videos, I would sit for hours everyday just watching funny videos, and then you came up onto my timeline. I then became addicted to watching your comedy videos, it made me feel happier. I was subscribed to the iiSuperwomanii channel, at that time I did not know much about YouTube, or even the fact that you also had a vlog channel. I did not even know what a vlog was!

I would binge watch your videos, I even forgot about the other creators I was subscribed to. I then got addicted to your daily vlogs as well, I could not wait to see what you did, where you went, learn more about your daily life…and then it started… the Lilly Singh effect.

This effect is when you watch Lilly Singh vlogs, and somehow get motivated to do something, I saw how happy you were with what you were doing, I saw that you started meeting celebrities, you were living YOUR dream! And I wanted that, no, not the meeting celebrities and getting famous, I wanted the “hustle harder” attitude, I wanted to do something I loved, to work and be able to pay for my own things. By the end of 2012, I made a promise to myself, that I would work harder, study something which interests me and make a new beginning.

Since then, I have only motivated myself more and more, yes I have had obstacles, everyone does. I applied for a qualification I was not interested in, only to change during my final year, to a new one which actually interests me. But I have no regrets.

I had also started a new job, unfortunately, things did not end well (Read more), I then started another job, it was work from home, kind of perfect, but stressful, during this time I had to drop out of university, it was difficult to catch up with work and to study. But I loved my job, maybe because I did not have to travel and sit traffic everyday, but I did have a deadline for my work, and this made it difficult. It was also during this time that I made another huge mistake, I worked from home for about 2 years and instead of saving all this money, I spent it like crazy, thinking back, if I had saved all of my income, I could have had my own car by now. But you live and you learn,  right?

My first online purchase was How To Be A Bawse by of course, Lilly Singh, it was through you, that I learnt about online shopping. And that was definitely the best thing I have ever bought, and I mean it. I then went on to buy your #Girllove Rafiki as well as your Merch. I never understood why celebrities did not donate their own money towards their own causes, but you took your fans behind the scenes, you explained everything and you made it easy for us to understand everything. Seeing how passionate you are about gender equality and focusing on making the world a better place for all, was more than enough for me to support you.

And then, it was just yesterday when I saw your “see you soon” video, you have decided to take some time off to focus on your mental health. As devastated as I was, I thought “maybe it’s time we all took care of ourselves,” this year has been one rollercoaster ride, we’ve had so many stories with regards to the #MeToo movement, we have also had the death of close friends and families as well as celebrities, the internet has only been trending and focusing on things like feuds or silly videos which don’t even make sense, instead of spreading love and happiness we’re all surrounded by pain, anger and sadness. Maybe it is time that everyone took a little break and concentrated on their mental health, maybe it is time that together we all learn to love ourselves and forgive each other.

So, Dear Lilly Singh, I just wanted to say Thank You. I have learnt so much about the real world through your eyes, and I cannot wait to learn more, I know you will come back stronger, healthier and happier than ever and I cannot wait. Until then, I will keep Hustling harder, because that is what you have taught me. I cannot wait to meet you one day and just give you a proper Thank You hug, to tell you that you are truly a superhero in my eyes.

See You Soon!

And Thank You once again…

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