Work From Home Jobs

  #workfromhome #onlinejobs #workfromanywhere These are websites where I make my own money online from home. Hope this helps someone. Links to the above websites: Schoolsolver: Fiverr: WordPress: Thank you for watching. Please Like and Share. Follow me on: instagram:… twitter: facebook: Advertisements


Teacher Vs Tutor #worldteachersday

Growing up I was always fond of becoming a teacher, mostly because you get long holidays as well as the thinking that teachers got paid very handsomely.  But as you get older, you soon learn about the good, bad and the ugly of teachers and teaching. The truth is…teachers actually don’t get paid very well,Continue reading “Teacher Vs Tutor #worldteachersday”

How I started my online business.

We all want to sit at home, work in our own time, make our own money without having to report to a boss. Here is how I started my own business and maybe you can too, everything starts with a seed (or a small step).. Step 1: Find something you’re good at. I started withContinue reading “How I started my online business.”

Hobbs & Shaw: Not for you..

Give me an action movie with Jason Statham and I’ll be fangirling since the trailer. Now give me a movie with Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson, Jason, Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby and I’ll be the first one to see this action packed performance! But is it really worth it? I am a huge fan ofContinue reading “Hobbs & Shaw: Not for you..”

Period Hack!

We all have heard of or taken pills to stop our periods, we all may have tried different ways to getting our periods early, but here’s a method that has actually worked! Since I will be leaving for a vacation from next week and we all know that no one wants to get their periodsContinue reading “Period Hack!”