Canon IXUS Review

I recently travelled to India and decided to buy a camera to capture all of my travel moments and experiences. What I did not expect was the price tag attached to these electronics.

After narrowing my search to accommodate my budget, I was stuck choosing between two canon IXUS camera’s (spoilt for choice). I decided to do some research on both of them before making my purchase, I’m not a huge spender, and I was afraid to make the wrong choice. I had to decide between the IXUS 180 and the  IXUS 185. after doing much research and deciding that the   IXUS 185 was a newer model, I made my first camera purchase.

Let’s start with the basics:

I went for the black colour, you can also purchase it in red. The camera is small enough to fit into a jeans pocket (or maybe I just have huge pockets), it’s also the size of my hand, this was comforting to know, going into a foreign country I did not want to be holding a huge camera and shoving it in people’s faces all the time. It’s also light to carry, which is a bonus!

Fits in the palm of your hand

It also comes with a memory card slot, and a removable battery, which you have to remove in order to charge, that was something I did not know. Yes I am that fool.

What I love the most is that it is easy to figure everything out on the IXUS 185 , there is an option for outdoor mode, to adjust to outdoor lighting pictures and videos, however the problem with this is that your battery life may deteriorate rapidly. There is also the option to zoom in and out, this is the 8 times optical zoom, pretty classy, which is located on the top of your camera, next to the power button. 

Power button, as well as Zoom function

The lens extends between 5.0 to 40.0 mm. 

The screen which displays your setting as well as assist you in taking images, is quite small. However it is not as bad as it looks, in fact I enjoyed looking through my gallery on this  IXUS 185 . There is also the Function key, flash on/off, Settings, Trash bin button, as well as a stop/play button for videos.

The Screen

Now let’s get to the serious part:

I am not one for selfies, but I do take pretty decent pictures of other people, this was my main issue, I was afraid the IXUS 185 would not be able to capture my moments perfectly, but I gave it a shot.

I have to say, I was impressed! The screen immediately adjusts the lens to its surroundings, capturing every moment effortlessly. (P.S. It also includes your date, so you don’t forget when you took your pictures, this makes it easier to remember anniversaries etc. you do have the option of switching of the date capturing function.)

Original Image, No Zoom
Zoomed In Full

I also tested out the video function, unfortunately, I’m not a good videographer, however, the  IXUS 185 really helped me capture some great moments. The only issue I may have experienced, besides my shaky hands, was that it may have started blurring the video at certain moments, so you may have to really hold your camera steady in order to record everything without making it seemed blurred out.

Click Here  to see the video I took with my  IXUS 185 

My final thoughts…

If you’re a start-up vlogger or want to capture some amazing moments of your life, without spending a fortune on a camera, then this is definitely for you. I have seen well-known vloggers as well as Youtubers, start their careers using this camera.

It is also easier to carry around, and should the battery life be completely dead, it takes approximately 6 hours to charge fully, you can then use a fully charged camera for at least 10 hours or more, depending on how you use it.

This  IXUS 185 is definitely one to help you get started with your career, or just help you save some good memories for the future.

You can click on: IXUS 185 to learn more, read more reviews and if you would like, maybe make a purchase. A few more pics 

P.S. This post is not sponsored in any way, I just wanted to share my experience.

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