Can I Have One Biryani With A Side Of Politics Please?

In every Indian household there is a pot of biryani being made at least once every month or every week. Each household has their own different recipe of how it is made, but at the end, everyone loves it.

I have had biryani in more than 10 homes, all tasting very different but very delicious, the one thing in common though, is that without a doubt, the subject of politics always seems to make its way into our conversations.

I am not one for politics, it always causes an argument, that, and the subject of religion, two subjects I always stay away from. But this Friday after prayers was very different, we had family over so of course, the menu had to be…you guessed it, BIRYANI! Not that I’m complaining, but I knew that with my family, you can never enjoy a good meal without someone “mistakenly” insulting another.

We decided that the women and children would sit away separately from the men this time, none of us wanted to hear about the taboo subjects. Little did we know that we were in for one big surprise.

Biryani with a side of Politics

I decided to sit next to my 16-year-old niece and the other teens, it’s always nice to hear about their relationship and school problems, especially when I have been there, done that! I’m also the worst aunt in the world as I continuously scare them about schoolwork and applying to universities.

There were discussing speech topics, it was that time of the year, when student have to go in front of their class, increase their anxiety levels and talk about something they feel passionate about, without making a fool of themselves. Aunties started suggesting recipe topics, or something about marriage (hinting at me and the other girls), everyone started throwing in their ideas until…

“I think I’m gonna talk about Donald Trump” said the crazy 16-year-old sitting next to me.


I was hoping none of the men heard, that’s their department, but alas, my hopes were destroyed. Even though they were talking in their deeply loud voices about cars, they heard a small 16 years old’s voice saying “Donald Trump”. Amazing isn’t it? You can be sitting right next to your dad and tell him that you need some money and he doesn’t hear a word, but all of a sudden he can hear a 16-year-old sitting a few metres away, miracle.


The men immediately started giving their input about the subject, this is what we wanted to avoid, and that’s why we changed the seating arrangements. Now, this is how everything played out..

The men started talking about the USA and its president, the teens started talking about South Africa and its government, the little kids didn’t even care about anything, all they knew was “Donald Trump is a bad man” and the rest of the family was just trying to change the subject.

My 12-year-old nephew decided he knew enough about politics so he started to raise some serious questions.

“But how can the government not have enough money, they always go out of the country and stay in big hotels, and that costs a lot of money?”

“How come there’s no water in South Africa, we have the whole ocean, can’t they take out the salt?”

“Why does the food price always go up with the petrol price but it never comes down like the petrol price?”

This kid! How to you explain the economy to him, although he did raise a serious question, if government officials have enough money to stay in posh hotels and fly business class, then how could they not have enough money to pay pensioners, social grants etc.?

Everyone kept quiet, the kid had a point, if government started saving their money, then South Africa could be in a better place right now. But I guess, once you get power and you start earning in 6 figure numbers, you forget about where you came from and why you started working for the government in the first place.

I never understood the phrase “money changes people”, but now, I did.

If a 12-year-old can see something is wrong, then how can the government be so blind?


Are political parties not supposed to be working together to make the country a better place, but instead they rather spend millions on taking each other to court for the silliest things. It’s funny, before the 2016 elections the DA protested, went to court and even had citizen’s sign petitions well…it’s 2018 and I’m still waiting, where are your protests and what happened to the court case?

The ANC has said that they too would scrap the system, in July this year they spoke about taking out the system by the end of August, its December my dear, August came and went…

It’s not just the e-toll system, there are many more empty promises made by political parties such as increasing employment, reducing petrol prices, decreasing crime, raising sentencing for rapists, decreasing corruption, WORKING TOGETHER and much more, but where are they now? Got the power, won the election, increased your salary, you’re happy…but you forgot about the citizens of your country…..Read More

I hope the 2019 elections brings a good change and benefits the citizens of South Africa.

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