Bloody Terrorist!

On Friday, the 15th of March 2019, the world came to hear the news of a horrific incident in New Zealand.

A gunman walked into a mosque and started shooting innocent individuals who had gathered to pray. The said gunman then went to another mosque close by and did the same thing, killing at least 49 people and injuring many others.

It is said that the man was not alone and was accompanied by three other individuals, one of them being a woman. The gunman has also released a video showing the incident.

Now here’s my question, WHY IS THIS NOT CALLED TERRORISM?

Pray For New Zealand

If you google the definition of terrorism, it states: “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” As you can see, it says nothing about religion or race. Why is this man only known as a murderer?

And what about his fellow assailants? Will they be known as “mentally ill” individuals? Did the female have no conscience, as a woman did she not believe that this is wrong?

It’s funny, if this had to be another individual of a different race and religion going into a different place of worship, the world would have immediately labelled him as a terrorist. Each individual should be allowed to practice their religion without fear. Many of those in the mosque were little children, these innocent souls will be scared for a very long time.

I have also noticed only a handful of high-profile celebrities have said anything about this incident, only a handful have sent through their prayers and condolences.

James Franco on the attack.
Jennifer Garner’s Story on Instagram

In fact, almost everyone else is only boasting about their new movie, or vacation, or merch, yet if this had to be done by another person, I am pretty sure they would have immediately sent through their condolences and prayers and “called for action against these terrorists”.

The world we live in is a very sad place, I hope justice is served and that these TERRORISTS are given the most severe punishment.

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