Babies 101

After recently being blessed with a little niece and hearing all kind of stories about how to bring up kids, here are a few things which I have learnt.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a paediatrician or any kind of doctor or expert, these are merely things which I have experienced and advice given to me from parents and elders.

This is in no order..

  • Many of the elder folks have recommended giving your child panado (syrup) before and after they get vaccinated, this is to assist the baby with the pain and keep them from getting ill.
  • After bathing your baby, use baby massage lotion or baby oil and massage your child, this will stretch the muscles in the body, allowing the bones to grow and blood to flow.
  • Always keep your baby warm, you can also make them sleep in the sun for a few minutes. If your baby has yellow jaundice, it is recommending to keep them in the sun for about 15 minutes, four times a day.
  • The first 3 months are very crucial, it is important to always stay safe, keep them warm and clean as even the slightest wind could make them sick.
  • If your baby is crying and you cannot figure out why, here is a mini checklist:
    • Check the nappy, in fact, CHANGE the nappy, sometimes they get sweaty and would like a change, even if its clean.
    • Your baby might be feeling too warm, take off their blanket and see how they feel, but make sure to keep them in a warm place at all times, I noticed with our little one, when we took off her pants and she moved her legs freely, she would feel a little better.
    • Feeling too cold, sometimes you may feel like you have overdressed your kid, but maybe they’re still feeling cold. Add a blanket and see if that helps.
    • Hunger, the number 1 reason most babies cry is because they are hungry. Try feeding them and see if that works, if not then maybe the other reason would be..
    • Wind. When babies do not want food, they tend to have wind, put them against you shoulder and pat their back lightly, rubbing it every few seconds, this may help them.  You could use your own method of burping kids as well (please feel free to comment below).
    • Darkness, some babies only like to sleep in the dark, therefore they will tend to cry until you switch the lights off.
  • Affection, little kids sometimes stay in hospital for days on end, either to different illnesses, infections etc. As a mom, when your baby is born, the nurses make you hold him/her against your chest, this is so that your child will recognise your smell, however when they are taken away in order to get their treatments, they may forget that smell, warmth, love. It is then recommended that when you are discharged from hospital, take a shower holding you baby close to your chest, patting their back slowly, sometimes, swaying and humming also makes them feel safe and warm in mom’s arms. Please make sure there is someone on stand by to assist you.

Babies 101

  • Feeding. As your child grows, they will need more milk, there will be days when you feed him/her and then they get hungry again, don’t worry, this is completely normal. Their food intake will increase as they grow up.
  • If you are breastfeeding, here are foods which you should have:
    • Milk products, eg, tea, milo etc.
    • Jungle oats
    • Soup
    • Bread
    • Pasta
    • Rice
    • Fruits and vegetables (not bananas or potatoes, this is said to cause lot of wind for the baby)
    • Protein foods, eg, meat, eggs, fish etc.

Many people believe that dairy, fish and spicy foods should be avoided, however I am not certain that is true. Again, I am not doctor or expert, please check with your paediatrician first.

  • DO NOT GIVE THEM HONEY! Many of us have read about the benefits of honey, but it is also harmful to babies. This is because honey can, very occasionally, contain a spore of a bacterium called clostridium botulinum. This can cause a rare form of food poisoning (botulism) in babies. Many paediatricians warn you against it. Should you have given your baby honey, please check for the following symptoms of botulism:
    • Constipation, which is often the first sign
    • Floppy movements due to muscle weakness and trouble controlling the head
    • Weak cry
    • Irritability
    • Drooling
    • Drooping eyelids
    • Tiredness
    • Difficulty sucking or feeding
    • Paralysis

Should any or all of the above symptoms be visible, please consult a doctor immediately.

Honey should only be given after 12 months.

As a mom, there will be days when you feel weak, days when you feel like maybe you’re not a good enough mother. People may comment and say things such as “oh, she’s lost weight” or “wow, you baby feels heavier”, leading you to believe you are either underfeeding or overfeeding your child, but don’t stop feeding them and don’t overfeed them, keep doing what you’re doing. Many others will give you advice on almost everything, but don’t do anything which would make you feel uncomfortable. Motherhood may be scary, but just know that there are people out there ready to assist you. Don’t give up mom, you’re doing great!

Please comment any other advice you may have for new and soon to be mom’s.



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