A Whole Lotta Love!

It’s that time of the year again, when almost everyone you know is getting married. And all the girls get dressed in their beautiful outfits, either to impress their future in-laws, or to flaunt their confidence. And every guy gets the most trending haircuts. And they too, hope to impress someone, mostly a girl, obviously.

But do they know what marriage entails? You may have heard the “Marriage is not easy” lecture before. And maybe it isn’t, I’m not married, I wouldn’t know. But after seeing failed marriages all around me, I decided to shed some light on a few things.


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Marriage is about the little things you do for that special person. Now, if you’re a married woman, I ask you this, has your husband ever come home to you and asked you if you had a good day, if you had a good supper? Or is it always just you asking him if he is hungry?

I have witnessed a man coming home to his wife, every day for 10 years, and not once did he ask her if she and the kids ate or if she had a good day. She was the one who always asked him if he was hungry, she would make the food warm for him, and not once would he ask if she was hungry.

Marriage is about giving someone your time, showing them you appreciate them. By this, I do not mean, shower them with gifts or take them to an expensive restaurant, rather cook a meal for them, and even if it does not turn out as delicious as you wanted it to, you will realize that it is the thought that counts, this will strengthen your love for one another.

It is about making the person realize that you love them, with all their flaws, shower them with random compliments. Tell them how beautiful or handsome they look. Tell them that their cooking is the best thing you have ever tasted, DO NOT COMPARE IT TO YOU MOTHER’S FOOD!!

Always support your better half, if they are going through tough times, hold them close, so that they know, that with you around they have nothing to worry about. Randomly make breakfast or supper for them, surprise them with their favourite food, and remember that even if it does not turn out well, they will appreciate the effort.

Send them flirty text messages, this will brighten the spark between you. Just make sure no one else reads them.

The most important part of marriage is honesty, patience and respect. Be honest with your spouse, lies always have a way of coming out, and yes, by being honest it might hurt them, but at least you know you did the right thing. Always have the patience to understand one another, discuss things, but do not shout at one another over the smallest mistake. Do not disrespect your spouse, whether in public or private, always talk to and about them with love in your tone, show the world what is like to be in love.

Marriage is about being there for one another, not giving up on each other. Always fighting to stay together. Do not give up just because your wife can’t cook, or because your husband can’t do his own laundry, teach them, empower them and most importantly, love each other, for better or for worse. It can be easy, but you just need to put in some effort

and a whole lotta love!

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