3. Planting the Seed

She woke up to the sun shining through the window. She was excited about tonight. Her first award function and she had been nominated for Business Woman of The Year, deep down she was hoping to win but she also knew that even if she did not get the award, she was happy to have come so far.


He woke up to a white hairy face staring at him. She was sitting on top of his bare chest, he realized that either she has gained weight or he just needed to work out more, damn this cat was heavy. He got up, made some breakfast for himself, fed Fluffy and then took a seat on his comfortable couch to catch up on some Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


6:00 pm, she was ready, her car was waiting for her outside. Her hair was straightened and she wore a beautiful pink gown that had a slight trail. She was excited, finally she will get to meet so many other business men and women, exchange details and maybe learn a few things.

But she was already late, she only had thirty minutes to get there. She prayed the roads were clear, but as her luck would have it, there was already a traffic jam at the first intersection…


7 pm, he was late. The function started at 6:30 pm. He noticed each person had a date, that’s when he realized, “I don’t have a date!”

He remembered that the invitation stated he had to bring a date, or a plus one. He wanted to bring his mom, but he completely forgot. Oh man! He started walking up to the entrance, hoping that by some miracle he would get in, he also noticed that he was the last person standing in line, but then…


She arrived just in time, she was glad there were a few people still standing in line to get inside. She then realized, she forgot to bring her brother, he was her plus one! She started walking towards the entrance, panicking, what if she did not get in, what if she won the award but was not there to receive it. She then noticed a someone in the same position as her, he was looking down at his phone, typing rapidly.

“Excuse me,” she tapped his shoulder.


He took out his phone and started typing a message to Sarah, he hoped she was available tonight. But then..

“Excuse me,” someone tapped on his shoulder.

He turned around, his eyes locked with hers, everything around them seemed to disappear. She was beautiful, an angel. Her long hair was straightened and let down, ending at her waist, her make up was minimal, you could not even tell whether she had any make up on, her mouth formed a smile, the most beautiful smile he had ever seen, as her smile grew fuller, he noticed a dimple on her right cheek. Her eyes were light brown, they reminded him of chocolate, milk chocolate. He was staring at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he did not want to stop. He wanted to stand there and just look at her, her smile, her eyes, her hair, she was mesmerizing and he did not want this night to end.


She put a smile on her face as he turned around, she knew that was her strength, everyone talked about how beautiful her smile was.

As he turned around she got a whiff of his cologne. It was intoxicating, she loved it. She stared at the handsome man in front of her, his hair was gelled back, he had a faded beard, his lips looked so soft, thoughts began to run through her mind. As her eyes moved up, they locked with his. The most beautiful brown eyes she had every seen, they reminded her of coffee, her favorite coffee, not too strong, not too light. She loved his smell, his eyes, his mouth, she was afraid this night would end too soon, all she wanted was to stand there and look at him, to get high on his smile and to never stop, what was happening to her?

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