2. Bearing Fruit.

He walked into his newly renovated home, two bedrooms, both en-suite, an open plan kitchen and a huge lounge, and the best part of his home? The hot tub. Ah! His dream home. The planning that went into this amazing place, the sleepless nights, the fights with the builders, interior decorator and even his mom, it was all worth it. He stood there remembering the way his mom scolded him for wanting a small walk-in closet.

“Are you crazy?” she screamed at him.

“Where will your wife put all of her clothes?”

“Mom, I’m never getting married.” He remembered the anger on her face, but of course mom is always right. He had to settle for a bigger closet, just to make her happy.

Never getting married, he sighed, he always wanted to get married, have a family of his own, but things did not work out well for him. He still remembers the day the doctor called to inform him about the cancer. It has been a long journey, but he made it through, two years ago he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He was told he might never be able to have kids, how he wishes he could go back in time, get married early and have kids, just like all of his friends, but he realized that would never happen now. He did not want to give any women the heartache of never being able to have children with him.

He kicked of his shoes, he ruined his own mood. Well that’s life, he thought to himself.

He walked into the kitchen and then realized Fluffy had still not come to greet him, she usually waits for him at the door, he started to get worried, where was his cat?

After searching the house, he heard a small cry outside. Yup, there she was, the fluffiest white cat, stuck on the tree again. And once again he was smiling, the only girl who can make him smile and brighten up his mood.

After bringing Fluffy in and feeding her, he decided on some good old Mac and Cheese. He had a tiring day, he was so glad tomorrow was the weekend, finally he gets to relax and spend the day catching up on some Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As he sat down to eat his food, his phone rang.

“Hello sir, I just wanted to remind you of the awards function you have to attend tomorrow.” It was Sarah, his secretary, thank God for her, he hardly remembers these things, Sarah always gets everything done and she never forgets. Maybe she should get a raise.

“Thanks for the reminder Sarah, I actually forgot.”

“No problem sir, I though you might have forgotten.” She laughed

Well at least he can spend half of the day watching his favorite series, how he wished he could cancel and just stay in. He was just glad supper was sorted for tomorrow, the only reason he attended any functions…was for the food.

Little did he know that he just made one of the best decisions of his life…

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